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Early years / Kinder | 2 - 6
Story-based Shows

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories


Who doesn’t like strawberries?  

It seems that lions like them too.

A story about a stubborn lion cub that only liked strawberries and didn’t want to eat anything else! However, in the forest where he lived, there weren't any strawberries at all!


This fun and interactive show will take you on the lion’s picky and colorful journey for strawberries.

Through music, dance, and storytelling, we will meet all sorts of animals in the forest and learn a valuable lesson about stubbornness. 

Hila Ben Gera's adaptation of the children's story by Tirtzah Atar. 



Spring is in the air, but The Bear is still asleep after his long winter nap.

The HoneyBee tries to wake her friend - The Bear, but he keeps snoozing!  

She goes to seek friends that will help her to wake him up.

An interactive show that celebrates nature, spring, and the four seasons.


Original story by Hila Ben Gera. 

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories
Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories


Chugga…chugga… choo… choo…

Let's go ride the train!

I’m inviting you to join me on a wonderful train adventure with a bunny, teddy, and other special guests!


This is an interactive show with music, props, and movement games for families to enjoy together.

Hila Ben Gera's adaptation of the children's story by Tova Schonberg. 

The Enormous Carrot

Grampa finds an enormous carrot growing in his garden and needs the help of his family, the dog, the cat, and even a mouse to pull it out.


Through music and play, the children and the parents get to experience garden work and learn about the different vegetables.


Our adaptation of this fun multicultural folk tale. 

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories

THE Pigion's Perfect Pie 

The Pigeon has a wonderful garden with the most perfect apple tree you can imagine! Every year, she uses those perfect apples to bake her perfect apple pie for a very special day.


Now, in this garden, a friendly Honeybee is a frequent visitor. She enjoys smelling the colorful flowers, sipping sweet nectar, and sprinkling pollen. As the Honeybee watches the pigeon working so hard all by herself throughout the year, she gets an idea for a surprise. But things don't quite go as planned!


This interactive show celebrates nature, friendship, and the importance of sharing.

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories

"Interactive and fun family entertainment,

this child-friendly show will transform you into a WILD THING

and take you to adventurous places ... Highly Recommend this fantastic show."


Wendy Dolowitz | Director of PJ Library NSW & ACT + Adamama Jnr

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