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It's Show-time:  

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.”


George Bernard Shaw

Interactive Story-based Shows for Early Years & Kinder 

Join us for a magical blend of storytelling, music, and creative play that sparks joy and fosters a love for learning in your little ones.

🎭 Explore interactive story-based shows designed for young audiences (ages 2-6).

📚 Enjoy adaptations of classic children's books and multicultural stories brought to life with music, movement, familiar nursery rhymes, and playful props.

👶👩‍👧 This engaging experience offers children a chance to play and unleash their imagination alongside their parents, creating wonderful bonding moments.

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Interactive Story-based Shows for Preschool - Primary School (Grade 3)

🎭 Embark on captivating adventures with our Interactive Story-based Shows for Preschool to Primary School (Grade 3).

📚 Immerse yourself in adaptations of classic children's books and multicultural stories, transformed into engaging performances. Join us as we explore the wonders of imagination, delve into the emotional realm, and incorporate movement and play.

🌟 Our performances are crafted to enrich children's imaginative worlds with creativity and joy. Challenge your audience to think fast, be brave, embrace silliness, and collaborate as a group. Join us for an interactive experience that sparks curiosity and encourages teamwork!


Sponsor a Story from Hila Tells Stories:

🎭 ​ We are always working on new shows but we can also bring to life any story or tale with a custom show, or a captivating shows series designed specifically for YOUR school district, library, museum, or community center! Talk to us to find out more.


Act it out!  

Ages 3 - 7

🎭 Every week we will pick a book and act it out -

a classic known book or multicultural fun story.

Each child will play a different role and learn how to bring a story to life using music, play, and creative movement. 

Develop your child's social skills, and the cognitive, physical, and emotional world through exposure to Storytelling and Theatre.

Lama Drama? 
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Ages 8 - 18 (divides into age groups)  
🎭 This fun and fast-paced workshop aims to build confidence, collaboration, and creativity.

Empowering young people to follow their own curiosity and ideas, and develop social skills. 

Activities include - Drama games, performances, improvisation, storytelling, character development, writing and so much more!

Creative writing for Teens  

For teenagers who love to write and want to discover the key skills for creating their own story/play/script. We will learn how to kick-start your writing process, free your imagination, learn about character building, and dramatic plot structure. At the end of the writing process, the participants will present their material in an open reading in front of an audience.

🎭 All shows and workshops are in English but also available in Hebrew or in English while gaining some Hebrew skills 🎭 

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"Interactive and fun family entertainment,

this child-friendly show will transform you into a WILD THING

and take you to adventurous places ... Highly Recommend this fantastic show."

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