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Primary school | Prep - Grade 3
Story-based Shows

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories, Max and The Wild Things


An interactive story-based theatre show 
that invites children to Max’s wild world where big emotions rule!

"Max and The Wild Things" is an adaptation of the beloved children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.


The show follows the adventures of a boy named Max, who takes the audience on an adventure to a magical land filled with strange and wonderful creatures known as The Wild Things. 

Through music, dance, and storytelling, Max learns valuable lessons about family, imagination, and the power of being true to oneself.


Xmas show


Join me on a magical Christmas adventure with a girl named Clara as she is whisked away by a nutcracker prince to the Kingdom of Sweets.


This interactive show is inspired by E. T. A. Hoffmann’s classic book and accompanied by Tchaikovsky's unforgettable melodies. 

Through music, dance, and storytelling, Clara learns valuable lessons about family, sharing, and the power of imagination. 

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories
Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories, Max and The Wild Things


There once was a little boy named Mowgli who lived his whole life in the jungle raised by wolves until he was forced to escape because Shere- Khan, the evil tiger, was trying to get him.

Through music, imagination, and movement games, we will follow Mowgli's exciting journey and his adventures in the jungle. 

Our adaptation of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. 


A magical and interactive show that invites the audience to sit together around the fire.

A group of tired, hungry travelers arrive in an unfamiliar poor village one evening.

They ask the locals for something to eat and somewhere to stay but their requests are denied.  

Through music, imagination, and storytelling, this show explores the children’s ideas of community, sharing, and openness.

Our adaptation of a European folk story. 

Hila Ben Gera, Hila Tells Stories

"Interactive and fun family entertainment,

this child-friendly show will transform you into a WILD THING

and take you to adventurous places ... 

Highly Recommend this fantastic show." 

Wendy Dolowitz | Director of PJ Library NSW & ACT + Adamama Jnr

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